fidel the puking machine.

Friday, December 30, 2005

fidel, still sick.
almost a walking merlion.
puking, puking and MORE puking.
my tummy hurts =(
this is so sickening argh.
and my stupid 6230 is spoilt.
people call me, i can hear what they say
when i talk, they can't hear me -.-
guess i dropped it too many times hehe.
gotta change a new phone le
dunno what to change lehh
yesterday so sweet worh
darling brought lunch to my hse for us
actually, its brunch.
leon starves his girlfriend !
.. take his time somemore..

after that, hmm when he like finally reach hehe
sat down and eat, darling so cute :)
but my tummy's still going rumbling tumbling, ouch.
den after that we took a bus to darling's sch
hehe so sweet, i thought we both look so cute hahas
both of us wear shorts, converse sneakers.
darling hook his arms over me, hold me near and shared an umbrella
that's really nice :)
i love that feeling.

den we reached sch, we saw this girl.
ahlarmak, she was wearing really slack shorts & tee.
yeah its the holiday period. but, she's like super slack

den we went to the library to look for his friends.
BUT ! after looking thru the whole library.
aiyah, in the end we went to find some other friends of he's
it was fun being with them :)

but my day ended pretty badly.
started puking everything i ate
even when i drink plain water,
i puke -.-
sounds stupid.

fidel's sick

Thursday, December 29, 2005

okay. i'm feeling really horrible
had a bad tummy the whole day and i thought it was the usual's. just some small problem but the pain eventually did NOT go away hmm den went to see a doc at like 11pm. food poisoning
eww. stayed up the whole night puking, and woke up feeling all weak and wobbly. the medicine's horrible it's like powdered chalk. and im supposed to mix it with warm water, powdered chalk+water=chalk water. try imagining drinking chalk water ? i was like crying while im trying to mix it up this morning. its so gross, stayed in bed for the rest of the day. so ppllleeaassee
people stop telling me to rest more hahas. my tummy's still feeling really weird, rumbling tumbling. i want my darling. i wanna see him.

i.. love my baobei

Thursday, December 22, 2005

we're back together again
sweet ~
hope we'll be as loving as before
like before someone EXTRA ever came between us.

i love him,
i miss your huggie darling !
so sweet cuddle together and sleep huggie so tight !
so warm so nice
he's only MINE !

the sky without him, is still.. beautiful

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

hahas today mad mad de, went to airport in the morning den went to east coast hehe.
riding on a bike, IN A MINISKIRT! >.<

crazy! hahas. we went to get the trolley for lugggages
and we sat on trolley thingy hahas, omg.
den one of us will run and push the trolley omg,
den i went screaming lolss. it was crazy hahas.
so fun ! hahas den afterdat we went to east coast hehe.
aiyo.. everyone fell down.. hope jeline's fine by now.
night we were sitting on the beach,
making sand castle =,= yeah i know its dumb hahas,
but its so fun. den we went to buy sparkles den play play play,
scream like mmmmaaaaddd lolss.
the four of us. going crazy hahas.

i realized, the sky without him could still be so beautiful.
nothing's changed, except him.